The ART of Home Comfort

Interior Decorating and Colour Consultation Services

During the consultation process we will discuss the function of each room and determine how to achieve the overall look and feel you would like your home to have. 

Architecture, focal points, harmony and balance will be assessed and incorporated into the final design.  Perhaps you require new furniture, new artwork or accessories.  Shopping services can be arranged, or recommendations could be outlined in a report.

Perhaps you feel that you need a change of colour in your space.  Together we can determine the colour palette that would best suit the look and feel of the rooms in question.  The Dewey Colour system is now available.  The Dewey system has the option of 2500 different, no fail,  colour schemes—one of which will be specially tailored to suit your colour personality.

You decide if you want the work completed for you.  We can supply people qualified to complete the work, or perhaps you are a handyperson and prefer to do the work yourself—a report can be requested outlining all of your needs.


Before interior decorating redesign of kitchenRedesigned and decorated kitchen space.



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