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No Debt Decorating

Dissatisfied with the layout of your living room?  Know you need something but don’t know what?  Need a cost effective way to decorate?  With our No Debt Decorating we use your own furnishings to create a fresh look in your home.  After an initial consultation to determine the function of each space, we can complete a three room home makeover in as little as a day.  Relax,  go out and enjoy yourself.   When you come home your space will be transformed; welcoming and unique. 

Let us rework, repurpose, ReDesign it for you. 

Let us help you to ‘twique’ your spaces so that they welcome you home.

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ReDesign your home with your own unique items.

Before redesign of family room.  Cluttered and crowded.

Before ReDesign

Redesign of cluttered space open and welcoming.

After ReDesign

ReDesign and Home Staging logo

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