Before staging house for maximum potential and best return on the dollar.  Use a certified staging professional.After house staging professional prepares the home for selling to maximize potential.




The ART of Home Comfort

On-Site Home Staging

· Staging your house is all about having the broadest buyer appeal.  Let us create a more marketable product by improving the layout and flow of your rooms,  helping you and your agent achieve  your goals  of selling quickly.

· Twiques has a reputation for efficient and cost effective staging accomplished by a two phase approach.  Phase One is the pre-staging consultation where we meet with the client to determine priorities to prepare the home for the market.  Phase Two involves the actual staging of the home usually reusing existing furniture, artwork and accessories to increase the marketability of your property.

· It is a fact that houses that undergo both Phase One and Phase Two of the Staging process will be showcased in the marketplace and stand out above the rest: OPTIMIZING A SALE ~ Remember:

You only have one chance to make a Memorable first impression!



Need to put your house on the Market and realize it needs some help first? Our 2 Phase process is a must!


this makes a good first impression?


A grand entrance to a home!


Text Box: Staged homes sell 50% faster than homes not staged and sell for 6% more!

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